Holistic Health & Wellness: Heal Your Mind,Body & Spirit; Heal the Earth

Our Philosophy

Holistic health and wellness are based on the idea that the mind, body and spirit are interconnected parts of a whole. When these are balanced and in harmony, we enjoy vibrant health and enjoy life to the fullest. When one of these parts gets out of sync, the whole suffers illness. The spirit, mind, and body are interconnected parts, which are also connected to our environment. Therefore our health is dependent on the balance of all these connections.

Our earth is an abundant garden, full of plants, animals and natural resources. We live in an ecosystem which is full of interconnected parts. Each part of our garden has a purpose. Our responsibility here is to enjoy this abundance in ways which support and nourish our environment. When we choose to do otherwise, imbalance is created and the ecosystem suffers illness.

The universe is founded on immutable laws which demand that we be aware of our responsibility in this creation. We create our reality with our minds. That reality is either in harmony with universal law or in opposition to it. We have the power to choose to perpetuate either. Our earth is now ill. We can all help heal it by becoming good stewards. Recycling resources, buying green, organic, and natural products, participating and contributing to groups which encourage respect for the interconnection of all living things, and doing organic gardening.

This website is dedicated to bringing you the best information we can find related to these topics. Let us hear from you.


Elizabeth (Bee) Brewer, PH.D.

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